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Preserving Our Racial Self Respect

Preserving Our Racial Self Respect

by Dr. Wesley A. Swift

In former sermons we have been talking about our constitution. In this we cited "that this Great Nation under God" had been built by God's hand wisely as He guided the people to migrate out of the nations of Western Europe and settled them in this great land of "The Wilderness", which was prepared for them. Here we became a great people, having a great least common denominator in our background ... we were all White, we were all Christians. The point of our national origin was not as important as the fact that we all came out of one race, a race which God had established in the earth when He placed Adam here and told him to have dominion over it in order to bring in His Kingdom.

There are a great many things for which we can be thankful-for the guidance of God and for the prayers of our forefathers when they drew up the great Constitution of these United States and the Bill of Rights, and so it is as we consider the problems of our times, "The time of Jacob's trouble", as in the 30th chapter of Jeremiah. At this time strange alien influences have come into our land and are seeking to destroy this great nation of God's Kingdom. The way they know best to do this is under the guidance of their father the devil by bringing about the violation of divine law and trying to destroy the things which God hath wrought.

Turn to Leviticus 20:24 and read. "I have said unto you, ye shall inherit their land, and I will give it unto you to possess all land that flows with milk and honey. I AM the Lord your God, and I have separated you from other people." So from the very beginning of divine instruction concerning the operation of the race which God had called to carry His ministry to bring in His kingdom, He said. I have segregated, separated you from other people. More than that, God's law of segregation continues in our midst. He said in Levit 19:19, "Ye shall keep my statutes: thou shall not let thy cattle gender with other kind, thou shall not sow the field with mingled seed, and shall not mingle thy garments with linen and wool, or let it come upon thee." So it is with divine, instruction how to raise pedigree cattle, how to raise good crops, how to preserve our culture and raise a race and build a great nation that would carry forth the responsibility of God not to commit or society to become mongrelized, not to permit the influence of the forces of darkness to change our way of life.

If we want to see the preservation of our civilization and of all the great heritages of this great Christian Nation, we must seek to maintain the status quo that developed our greatness. Almost all the development of our society has been the result of vision, inspiration and creative ability, courage and exploration, and the great determination of the people of our race.

Almost all the technological development of our time, and in the world, has come out of God's vision guidance to the men and women of our race. Truly, "without vision a people perish--but God has given, us vision, in the field of astronomy as well as in the field of applied mathematics which has been used by our engineers.

Through vision our inventors have brought forth technology in almost every field--in crop growing, in the study of medicine, in the development of metallurgy, in the utilization of all the substances which God has blessed us with, to produce a great civilization.

He has given our race the know how and all the great inventions of our time, with radio, television, and all the developments which have taken place in the field of astronomics. All of these things have developed out of the people who have the vision--out of your race. Truly this great nation is not only strong, but it is well said that it is the arsenal of the free people of the world. Its strength is the backbone of their defense. Remove the United States from the affairs the nations of the world and from the assurance that it will back them up in their opposition against the hordes of world communism, and almost all the world would see the light go out, because the great outstretched "Wings of the Eagle" have been provided by God for this special purpose.

Rev. 12:14.

Those who seek to destroy us therefore seek to destroy our laws and our way of life. They seek to bring in integration in our society, Only a few weeks ago a group of sociologists and psychiatrists met for a conference and general discussion in the White House, and of the things brought out by one of the leading speakers was that we must have the courage, we must have the strength of character to be prepared for changes, which would be a little more gradual than our nation has proceeded with it, to force integration of our society.

Now when integration starts on the school level, it will always inevitably lead to the mingling of the blood stream.

Thus it is they discussed this problem in the White House and stated that there was no question as to the history of this, that it was a fact to all psychiatrists and all students of racial history that if we could bring together all the children of all races that might be dwelling in these United States, we would eventually emerge some day with a dark tan race of some type and that no one race would have a preservative identity, and thus we would accomplish the success which has long been sought by those who have been trying to bring down and destroy the white Christian civilization-we would become a mongrel people. No mongrel people have ever produced a great civilization, nor have they been able to survive long in a competitive world with the races round about.

When God Almighty established the Adamic race in the earth to build His Kingdom, He had ordained from the beginning were not to mingle with the "tree of knowledge, of good and evil" with the races that had already fallen and had gone under the influence of satanic ideas we must preserve our racial purity.

Our only fall started originally with the violation of divine law, and God again made acceptable the acceptance of Seth, and He continued the White purity of the Adamic race. We are all descendants of Seth, and down through the descendants of Noah and Shem, and Shem's grandson Heber. That is the reason why today every White man on the face of the earth, whose racial purity is well marked by the identity of the great Christian nations in his background, are the descendants of Heber.

That is why our Christian Bible has the book of Hebrews; it was written to the White people who constitute Christian civilization. In fact. no other people have this book in their sacred scripture; only the White Christians of the world use the book of Hebrews.

The Jews do not use the book of Hebrews; nor do they recognize the Messiah as the incarnate deity that came to be identified with His people, and fulfill the prophecy which said that He would be received by His people, and when they saw and recognized Him they would carry His name. He said "My people come from the East and the West, from the North and the South--they will come with My name upon them."

"They shall put my name upon the children of Israel: and I will bless them." Numbers 6:27 Christ--Christian.

While we think of the strategy of the enemy seeking to destroy this great civilization by mixing our races, we can not help but feel that the decisions of the Supreme Court in the last few years of history have been those that aided and abetted the enemy of our civilization. In fact, we were somewhat amazed when the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, no other than Chief Justice Earl Warren, stated that one of the influences that affected them in their decision was that they had selected the opinion of outstanding world renowned psychiatrists and that they were being guided by the decisions of these psychiatrists.

One of these men was named Mr. Myrdal whose sociological aspects were like those of the communist party, who openly advocates in his discussions that the races should flow together; and in this discussion, he, in his text book and his writings, cited that integration must be brought to pass by the decisions of institutions, and organizations, within governments.

One of the things in this book called "The American Dilemma , which is quoted by Chief Justice Warren, and written by Mr. Myrdal, was that the constitution of the United States "was an out-dated document". He said It was "a very dangerous document" and "suppressed the liberties of the people."

It is hard to understand the Supreme Court basing its decision upon the writings of a man who would take this position on the constitution, attacking the constitution of the United States. If the Judges had not read this book, then they should have never taken this stand. If they had read this book, the writing of this sociologist, then they are citing that the constitution of the United States apparently is not meeting their approval; they prefer--communism.

These men hold their authority under the constitution with limited powers. It was never intended that they overthrow the contents of that constitution by decision, or that they change the constitution. In each and every case they were merely to abide by the constitution and interpret clearly that document, as it had been intended to be interpreted by our forefathers. State rights was a very important factor, and within most of these United States we feel quite zealous about preserving our STATES RIGHTS.

Southerners recognize this. They probably know more of their racial responsibility than in other parts of these United States because we have the factor of two existing races, a great number of Negroes as well as Whites living in the Southern States. It was not a policy of hatred, it was because those who in responsible leadership in government were to teach that segregation was a principle which they wanted to preserve so that their children would not be mixed together and eventually in marriage, and thus lose their culture and racial background. What they were actually doing, whether it was understood by these legislators or not, was fulfilling God's Law, and God's instruction in Deuteronomy 7:3-6 when He said they were not to be thrust together.

If they were not cattle of the seed in their field, surely they were not to throw their children together in what would eventually produce intermarriage (a violation of Divine Law).

So under these responsibilities let us pray that God will give us men, who with vision whether they are on the Supreme Court bench or whether they are legislators in our land, will not seek to abridge the rights of Christians under the constitution, by making laws that violate the laws of God and of our Christian society. Frankly, we are supposed to be protected from any legislation that will adversely affect the heritage.


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